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  • Revision Date_121005

Abbrev Naming Summary To Be Determined TBD notes
ADWR Arizona Dept. of Water Resources NO
AF Acre Feet NO
AGFD Arizona Game and Fish Department NO
AIF Agenda Information Form YES
AMP Adaptive Management Program NO
AMWG Adaptive Management Work Group NO
AOP Annual Operating Plan YES
BA Biological Assessment NO
BAHG Budget Ad Hoc Group NO
BCOM Biological Conservation Measure NO
BE Biological Evaluation NO
BHBF Beach/Habitat-Building Flow NO
BHMF Beach/Habitat Maintenance Flow NO
BHTF Beach/Habitat Test Flow NO
BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs NO
BO Biological Opinion NO
BOR Bureau of Reclamation NO
CAHG Charter Ad Hoc Group NO
CAPA Central Arizona Project Association NO
GCT Grand Canyon Trust NO
CESU Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit NO
cfs cubic feet per second NO
CMINs Core Monitoring Information Needs NO
CRBC Colorado River Board of California NO
CRAHG Cultural Resources Ad Hoc Group NO
CRCN Colorado River Commission of Nevada NO
CRE Colorado River Ecosystem NO
CREDA Colorado River Energy Distributors Association NO
CRSP Colorado River Storage Project NO
DAHG2 Desired Future Conditions Ad Hoc Group NO
DASA Data Acquisition, Storage and Analysis NO
CWCB Colorado Water Conservation Board NO
DBMS Data Base Management System NO
DOE Department of Energy NO
DOI Department of the Interior NO
DOIFF Department of the Interior Federal Family NO
EA Environmental Assessment NO
EIS Environmental Impact Statement NO
ESA Endangered Species Act NO
FACA Federal Advisory Committee Act NO
FEIS Final Environmental Impact Statement NO
FRN Federal Register Notice NO
FWS United States Fish & Wildlife Service NO
FY Fiscal Year (October 1—September 30) NO
GCD Glen Canyon Dam NO
GCT Grand Canyon Trust NO
GCMRC Grand Canyon Monitoring & Research Center NO
GCNP Grand Canyon National Park NO
GCNRA Glen Canyon National Recreation Area NO
GCPA Grand Canyon Protection Act NO
GLCA Glen Canyon National Recreation Area NO
GRCA Grand Canyon National Park NO
GCRG Grand Canyon River Guides NO
GCWC Grand Canyon Wildlands Council NO
GTMAX Generation and Transmission Maximization [YES]
HBC Humpback Chub (endangered native fish) NO
HMF Habitat Maintenance Flow NO
HPP Historic Preservation Plan NO
Ins Information Needs NO
KA Knowledge Assessment (workshop) NO
KAS Kanab ambersnail (endangered native snail) NO
LCR Little Colorado River NO
LRRMCP Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program NO
LTEP Long-Term Experimental Plan NO
LTEMP Long-Term Experimental and Management Plan NO
MAF Million Acre Feet NO
MA Management Action NO
MATA Multi-Attribute Trade-Off Analysis NO
MLFF Modified Low Fluctuating Flow NO
MO Management Objective NO
MRP Monitoring and Research Plan NO
NAU Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, AZ) NO
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act NO
NHPA National Historic Preservation Act NO
NPS National Park Service NO
NRC National Research Council NO
O&M Operations & Maintenance (USBR funding) NO
PA Programmatic Agreement NO
PEP Protocol Evaluation Panel NO
POAHG Public Outreach Ad Hoc Group NO
Powerplant Capacity AT 31,000 cfs NO
R&D Research and Development NO
RBT Rainbow Trout NO
RFP Request for Proposals NO
RINs Research Information Needs NO
ROD Flows Record of Decision Flows NO
RPA Reasonable and Prudent Alternative NO
SA Science Advisors NO
Secretary Secretary of the Interior NO
SCORE State of the Colorado River Ecosystem NO
SHPO State Historic Preservation Office(r) NO
SOW Scope of Work NO
SPAHG Strategic Plan Ad Hoc Group NO
SPG Science Planning Group NO
SSQs Strategic Science Questions NO
SWCA Steven W. Carothers Associates NO
TCD Temperature Control Device NO
TCP Traditional cultural Property NO
TES Threatened and Endangered Species NO
TMC Taxa of Management Concern NO
TWG Technical Work Group NO
UCRC Upper Colorado River Commission NO
UDWR Utah Division of Water Resources NO
USBR United States Bureau of Reclamation NO
USFWS United States Fish & Wildlife Service NO
USGS United States Geological Survey NO
WAPA Western Area Power Administration NO
WY Water Year (a calendar year) NO