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Mission Statement

The Grand Canyon is a homeland for some, sacred to many, and a national treasure for all. In honor of past generations, and on behalf of those of the present and future, we envision an ecosystem where the resources and natural processes are in harmony under a stewardship worthy of the Grand Canyon.

We advise the Secretary of the Interior on how best to protect, mitigate adverse impacts to, and improve the integrity of the Colorado River ecosystem affected by Glen Canyon Dam, including natural biological diversity (emphasizing native biodiversity), traditional cultural properties' spiritual values, and cultural, physical, and recreational resources through the operations of Glen Canyon Dam and other means.

We do so in keeping with the federal trust responsibilities to Indian tribes, in compliance with applicable federal, state, and tribal laws, including the water delivery obligations of the Law of the River, and with due consideration to the economic value of power resources. This will be accomplished through our long-term partnership utilizing the best available scientific and other information through an adaptive ecosystem management process. [[Source: AMWG Vision and mission statement composed during a week-long river trip in 1999: US Bureau of Reclamation 2013)

Stakeholder's List

...and activities conducted under subsection (a) shall be established and implemented in consultation with-- (1) the Secretary of Energy; (2) the governors of the States of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming; (3) Indian tribes; and (4) the general public, including representatives of academic and scientific communities, environmental organizations, the recreation industry, and contractors for the purchase of Federal power produced at Glen Canyon Dam."