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Update on AMWG / TWG Coordination (6/12/17)

Hello AMWG and TWG members,

As you are aware, the Department of Interior (DOI) is currently reviewing its Federal advisory committees and during the review AWMG meetings and activities have been suspended.

Reclamation requested, and recently received, a waiver to hold subcommittee meetings and activities during the DOI Federal advisory committee review. In particular Reclamation requested this wavier to:

  • Coordinate with the TWG to receive additional input and review on the draft GCDAMP FY 2018-2020 budget and workplan
  • Coordinate a workshop on brown trout in the August / September timeframe
  • Consult and coordinate with the TWG on a possible HFE in November 2017.

We are still determining the possible dates and timeline for how coordination and activity with the TWG will resume and are exploring options to meet with the TWG in July.

Additionally, we anticipate re-scheduling the August AMWG meeting for some time in September, and are currently considering Sept 20-21, 2017. Please note that this potential meeting is contingent upon the DOI Federal advisory committee review as well as several other logistical matters. We will keep you posted as we know more.

We greatly value your dedication and participation in the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Work Group.

Kind regards, Katrina Grantz

Science & Management on the Colorado Plateau & Southwest Region

The biennial conference of Science & Management on the Colorado Plateau & Southwest Region is convening this year. The conference is scheduled for September 11-14, 2017, and will be held at the High Country Conference Center at NAU.

I have been invited to organize a session on rivers and streams of the southwest. As such, I am inviting you, or someone you know, to consider submitting an abstract for an oral presentation at this conference.

I would like to focus this session on both science monitoring and research and how these results can be used to inform decision-making and guide management outcomes. I hope the session can be a good mix of both the science that is used to guide decisions as well as management objectives and tools and tribal resources and values.

If you are interested in participating, please let me know soon. Right now I only need your commitment and a tentative title but note that abstracts will be due by June 1.

The biennial conference is a great place to showcase your work and to interact with colleagues. I look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you.


Michael Moran Deputy Chief Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center 2255 N Gemini Drive Flagstaff, AZ 86001 (928) 556-7170 Office (928) 814-9444 Cell

Long Term Risk Reduction for Green Sunfish in the -12 RM sloughs Workshop:

The NPS is hosting a webinar on October 27, 2016 for stakeholders and interested parties to develop a range of options for Long Term Risk Reduction for Green Sunfish in the -12 RM sloughs, and other invasive fish species and locations in the Lees Ferry Reach of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. This 'brainstorming' session will provide the basis for developing a range of alternatives to be analyzed in a Long Term Risk Reduction Plan and Environmental Assessment to be completed and implemented by October 2017. For more information contact Melissa Trammell at

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