Sediment Mass Balance for HFE consideratons- Model explaination

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How do I run the Sediment Model to indicate what managers look at when considering HFEs? When considering just sediment inputs-

  • GCMRC Sediment LINK NOTE: Google Chrome works best. Explorer, Foxfire, Mozilla have issues.
  • GO to the monitoring stations option, and select Paria River at Lees Ferry. (don't just use the sand mass balance options)
  • NEXT: select cumulative sand load, which is the last option on the left banner.
  • You can select any time period, and so select __/__/__ to current. That graph will tell you how much sand has entered the Colorado from the Paria.
  • NEXT: GO to Colorado River at 30 mile and you will see how much of that sand has moved downstream from 30-mile.
  • THEN: GO to your mass balance pagemass balance is what has gone in (Paria) minus what has gone out (past 30 mile).

[Source: Jack Schmidt]