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The Utah Board of Water Resources (Board) and the Division of Water Resources (Division) were established to develop and protect the water resources of the State of Utah for the benefit of present and future citizens of Utah. Through policy implementation, water resource planning, and financial assistance for water project, the Division and the Board work to effectively utilize this precious resource. As the Governor’s representative for interstate streams, the Division represents Utah to coordinate work with the federal government, neighboring states, and water users within Utah to achieve the goals of protecting our scenic natural environment while maintaining the vital use and development of water to promote the wellbeing and economic vitality of Utah on behalf of its citizens.

  • Utah doesn't currently draw on its full 1.4-million acre-foot allotment of Colorado River water.

  • Utah has a goal of a 25% reduction from 2002 water use by 2025. (AMWG minutes_Feb 2015)