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Administrative History Ad-Hoc Group-- LIST OF WIKI CONTENTS

Content Explaination Link Notes
Historical Time-Line Indicate the significant actions that took place, and when it happened LINK TBD
FACT Sheets Compile the FACT sheets that USGS, NPS, CREDA, Tribes have issued TBD TBD
Pictures gallery Add pictures, maps, graphics, videos LINK TBD
Knowledge Assessment KA ppts, KA minutes, KA summary points LINK TBD
Acronyms/ Terms Links to definitions-pictures- explanations Link TBD
Resource Stats Assistant Secretary - Water and Science LINK TBD
Hydrology Page Links to various hydrology graphs and documents LINK TBD

|FACT Sheets||Compile the FACT sheets that USGS, NPS, CREDA, Tribes have issued ||TBD||TBD|| EA's Flow Regime items Explain the ROD, and guiding documents Walk-Through how the budget process work. Compile the FACT sheets that USGS has issued Trips schedule- TCD, Sediment, DFC, NSE, TEK Where will the Customer profile page be? General facts about the Colorado River (salinity ppt)-- Virtual Tour--- Presentations page --- Different AdHoc Groups What about the AOP process

Admin History: --- Compile what we have on stakeholders, dates, pictures, etc… Fish History: explain what the make-up of the CRE was prior to the dam, How non-native fish were introduced to the CR Compile Links to GCDAMP Authorization--- NEPA Understanding--- Explain how NEPA is used in the GCDAMP. Simple walk-though of how it applies to GCDAMP

Flow Regime items: --- Learn the pro’s and con’s, Outline the different type of flows http://gcdamp.com/index.php?title=GCDAMP_Flow_Type_Understanding


Explain the AMP Strategic Plan -- http://gcdamp.com/index.php?title=GCDAMP_Learning_Page Explain how the AOP and Hydrograph fit into the GCDAMP:--- General facts:--- Colorado River trivia and history http://gcdamp.com/index.php?title=Main_Page Document Storage: --- Authorization- Environmental Assessments – Biological Opinions- Records of Decisions- GCDAMP Budget:--- Simple explaination to how the budget process works, time-frames, etc… Learn about different processes: --- AOP, NEPA, Budget, etc. Monitoring: --- Explain how the Core Monitoring works in the GCDAMP Knowledge Assessment s: --- --- summary page of the take-home points

Hydropower Q & A --- Commonly asked questions about hydropower and the GCDAMP

--- etc…

Virtual Tour of the river- compile the mapping and GIS of the CR Fish terms with definitions: Tribal Understanding: tribal perspectives --- Explain the PA's pupose to the GCDAMP, Explain TEK http://gcdamp.com/index.php?title=Tribal_Ecological_Knowledge


SEAHG:--- Summerize the results and details of the SEAHG i.e. minutes, papers, etc.. http://gcdamp.com/index.php?title=GCDAMP_SEAHG_Page

Suggested Reading materials for new members--- Learning: --- Generate a list of topics that members should know about--- i.e. TCDs, Sediment, DFC, NSE,