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GCDAMP Budget and Work Plan

The goal of the Triennial Budget and Workplan (TWP) is to reduce the effort expended on the budget process while improving the effectiveness of the Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center (GCMRC), Technical Work Group (TWG), and AMWG. The GCDAMP will develop a TWP the first year of the process. Then, in the second year the GCDAMP would implement the year-two budget and make relatively minor corrections primarily related to changes in CPI and needs at GCMRC and the Bureau of Reclamation. In the third year the GCDAMP would consider minor changes to the year three budget to allow for changes in projects or potential important new starts not envisioned during the development of the triennial budget.

The major components of the TWP would include:

  • Three-year budget spreadsheets, work plans, and hydrographs,
  • Modifications of the year-three budget based on specific criteria,
  • Fiscal reporting, including expenditures for the previous fiscal year (mid-year and end end-of year reports),
  • Project progress reports, including an annual reporting meeting in January, and
  • Utilization of the Budget Ad Hoc Group (BAHG) to interface with Reclamation and GCMRC in developing a draft TWP, and to help the TWG develop budget recommendations for AMWG consideration.
Long-term Experimental and Management Plan (LTEMP)
The LTEMP provides the basis for decisions that identify management actions and experimental options that will provide a framework for adaptively managing Glen Canyon Dam operations over the next 20 years
LTEMP Science Plan
The LTEMP Science Plan describe a strategy by which monitoring and research data in the natural and social sciences will be collected, analyzed, and provided to DOI, its bureaus, and to the GCDAMP in support of implementation of LTEMP.
Core Monitoring Plan
The GCMRC Core Monitoring Plan (CMP) describes the consistent, long-term, repeated measurements using scientifically accepted protocols to measure status and trends of key resources to answer specific questions. Core monitoring is implemented on a fixed schedule regardless of budget or other circumstances (for example, water year, experimental flows, temperature control, stocking strategy, nonnative control, etc.) affecting target resources.
Monitoring and Research Plan
The GCMRC Monitoring and Research Plan (MRP) specifies (1) core monitoring activities, (2) research and development activities, and (3) long-term experimental activities consistent with the strategies and priorities established in this SSP to be conducted over the next 5 years to address some of the strategic science questions associated with AMWG priority questions.
Budget and Work Plan
The GCMRC Triennial Work Plan (TWP) identifies the scope, objectives, and budget for monitoring and research activities planned for a 3-year period. When completed, the TWP will be consistent with the MRP.

FY18-20 GCMRC Triennial Budget and Workplan

FY15-17 GCMRC Triennial Budget and Workplan

FY13-14 GCMRC Biannual Budget and Workplan


Documents and Direction

Science Questions and Information Needs

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Other Stuff

  • Experimental fund: Monitoring and Research Plan page 8: In 2003, the GCDAMP established a fund to pay for experimental research projects so that they can be conducted without financially impacting other aspects of the science program. The current balance of the experimental fund at the end of the FY2007 is anticipated to be approximately $900,000. An additional $500,000 will be set aside by the GCMRC annually in an account at Reclamation to fund the BHBF tests and other research related to experimental efforts.1 Deposits to the experimental account will cease when the balance reaches $2.5 million.