FY18-20 GCMRC Triennial Budget and Workplan

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GCMRC Triennial Budget and Work Plan -- Fiscal Years 2018-2020

Long-term Experimental and Management Plan (LTEMP)
The LTEMP provides the basis for decisions that identify management actions and experimental options that will provide a framework for adaptively managing Glen Canyon Dam operations over the next 20 years
LTEMP Science Plan
The LTEMP Science Plan describe a strategy by which monitoring and research data in the natural and social sciences will be collected, analyzed, and provided to DOI, its bureaus, and to the GCDAMP in support of implementation of LTEMP.
Core Monitoring Plan
The GCMRC Core Monitoring Plan (CMP) describes the consistent, long-term, repeated measurements using scientifically accepted protocols to measure status and trends of key resources to answer specific questions. Core monitoring is implemented on a fixed schedule regardless of budget or other circumstances (for example, water year, experimental flows, temperature control, stocking strategy, nonnative control, etc.) affecting target resources.
Monitoring and Research Plan
The GCMRC Monitoring and Research Plan (MRP) specifies (1) core monitoring activities, (2) research and development activities, and (3) long-term experimental activities consistent with the strategies and priorities established in this SSP to be conducted over the next 5 years to address some of the strategic science questions associated with AMWG priority questions.
Budget and Workplan
The GCMRC Triennial Work Plan (TWP) identifies the scope, objectives, and budget for monitoring and research activities planned for a 3-year period. When completed, the triennial work plan will be consistent with the MRP.

FY 2018-2020 Triennial Budget and Work Plan Process

Draft Program Areas for 2018-20 TWP

Based on ROD Resource Categories (see page 6 of the ROD)

  • Natural Processes: Not used (is an evaluation of above resources as related to “natural” benchmarks)

LTEMP BiOp Conservation Measures [1] (2016)

Humpback Chub

Ongoing actions:

  • Translocations of humpback chub into tributaries of the Colorado River in Marble and Grand Canyons
  • Spring and fall humpback chub population estimate
  • Control or removal of nonnative fish in tributaries prior to chub translocations
  • Humpback chub refuge population at a federal hatchery
  • Ensure that a stable or upward trend of humpback chub mainstem aggregations can be achieved by:
  1. Annual monitoring of the Little Colorado River humpback chub aggregation (e.g., juvenile chub monitoring parameters).
  2. Annual monitoring in the mainstem Colorado River to determine status and trends of humpback chub.
  3. Periodic surveys to identify additional aggregations and individual humpback chub.
  4. Evaluate existing aggregations and determining drivers of these aggregations.
  5. Explore means of expanding humpback chub populations outside of the Little Colorado River Inflow aggregation.
  • Disease and parasite monitoring

New actions:

  • Feasibility study for translocation of humpback chub into Upper Havasu Creek (above Beaver Falls).
  • Evaluate other tributaries for potential translocations.

Razorback Sucker

Ongoing actions:

  • Larval and small-bodied fish monitoring.

Actions to benefit all native aquatic species

Ongoing actions:

  • Investigate the possibility of renovating Bright Angel and Shinumo Creeks with a chemical piscicide.
  • Remove brown trout (and other nonnative species) from Bright Angel Creek and the Bright Angel Creek Inflow reach of the Colorado River, and from other areas where new or expanded spawning populations develop.

New actions:

  • Explore the efficacy of a temperature control device at the dam to respond to potential extremes in hydrological conditions due to climate conditions that could result in nonnative fish establishment.
  • Preventing the passage of deleterious invasive nonnative fish through Glen Canyon Dam.
  • Fund the NPS and GCMRC on the completion of planning and compliance to alter the backwater slough at River Mile (RM) 12.
  • Develop a plan for implementing rapid response control efforts for newly establishing or existing deleterious invasive nonnative species.
  • Experimental use of TMFs to inhibit brown trout spawning and recruitment in Glen Canyon

Southwestern willow flycatcher and Yuma Ridgway’s rail

  • Conduct Yuma Ridgway’s rail surveys
  • Conduct southwestern willow flycatcher surveys

LTEMP Experimental and Management Actions [2]


Documents and Direction

ADHOC Group Information Needs

Papers and Presentations


TWG Budget Preliminary List Exercise

The Technical Work Group (TWG) at its January 27, 2017 meeting identified a preliminary list of budget items that it wanted to be considered in the FY 18-20 TWP.

Hot Topics:

  • Humpback chub in Western Grand Canyon
  • Invasive species surveillance and response (brown trout and green sunfish in Glen Canyon)
  • Foodbase Augmentation
  • Nutrients
  • Synthesis of TEK and indigenous knowledge systems and integrate into AMP
  • Hualapai Archive Project
  • Arch site and terrace monitoring in Glen Canyon Reach
  • Integration of tribal value and knowledge into treatment of archaeological sites
  • Cool water TCD and generation on the bypass tubes
  • Experiments that could increase hydropower value
  • Impacts of TMFs
  • HFE monitoring
  • Study how lower down ramping rates of HFEs relates to slower eroding beaches via building lower sloping beaches
  • Re-evaluate triggers for spring HFEs to include biological considerations as well as sediment
  • TWP Chapter 2 to represent the Strategic Science Plan

The following are a photo record of the TWG Budget Preliminary List Exercise. You can click on the following images 1x and 2x to get to a larger view.



Multiple Topics

20170126 multiple.jpg 20170126 multiple2.jpg 20170126 multiple3.jpg


20170126 sediment.jpg

Archaeological and Cultural Resources

20170126 Archaeology.jpg

Aquatic Foodbase

20170126 Foodbase.jpg

Humpback chub

20170126 chub1.jpg 20170126 chub2.jpg 20170126 chub4.jpg 20170126 chub3.jpg


20170126 trout.jpg 20170126 TMFs.jpg

Invasive Fish Species

20170126 InvasiveFish.jpg

Hydropower and Energy

20170126 Hydropower.jpg