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Bio Pages for GCDAMP Stakeholders and their Representatives
AMWG Members and Alternates
TWG Members and Alternates

Federal Agencies

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)
AMWG Member: Charles "Chip" Lewis
AMWG Alternate: Garry Cantley
TWG Member: Charles "Chip" Lewis
TWG Alternate: Garry Cantley
Past Members:

  • Amy Heuslein

Bureau of Reclamation
AMWG Member: Daniel Picard
AMWG Alternate: Kathleen Callister
TWG Member: Katrina Grantz
TWG Alternate: Marianne Crawford
Past Members:

National Park Service: Canyon National Recreation Area (GCNRA) and Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP)
AMWG Member: Christine Lehnertz
AMWG Alternate: Jan Balsom
GCNRA TWG Member: Ken Hyde
GCNRA TWG Alternate: Mark Anderson
GCNP TWG Member: Jan Balsom
GCNP TWG Alternate: Brian Healy
Past Members:

Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS)
AMWG Member: Steve Spangle
AMWG Alternate: Kirk Young
TWG Member: Kirk Young
TWG Alternate: Jessica Gwinn
Past Members:

Western Area Power Administration (WAPA)
AMWG Member: Lynn Jeka
AMWG Alternate: Brian Sadler
TWG Member: Shane Capron
TWG Alternate: Craig Ellsworth
Past Members:

State Agencies (Colorado Basin States)

Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD)
AMWG Member: James deVos
AMWG Alternate: Chris Cantrell
TWG Member: Ryan Mann
TWG Alternate: Dave Rogowski
Past Members:

State of Arizona - Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR)
AMWG Member: Clint Chandler
AMWG Alternate: Vineetha Kartha
TWG Member: Vineetha Kartha
TWG Alternate: Evelyn Erlandsen
Past Members:

State of California - Colorado River Board of California (CRBC)
AMWG Member: Tanya Trujillo
AMWG Alternate: Chris Harris
TWG Member: Chris Harris
TWG Alternate: Jessica Neuwerth
Past Members:

State of Colorado - Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB)
AMWG Member: John McClow
AMWG Alternate: Carlee Brown
TWG Member: Carlee Brown
TWG Alternate: Randy Seaholm
Past Members:

State of Nevada - Colorado River Commission (CRC)
AMWG Member: Jayne Harkins
AMWG Alternate: Warren Turkett
TWG Member: Peggy Roefer
TWG Alternate: Vacant
Past Members:

State of New Mexico - New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission (NMISC)
AMWG Member: Deborah Dixon
AMWG Alternate: Don Ostler
TWG Member: Paul Harms
TWG Alternate: Don Ostler
Past Members:

  • Estevan Lopez

State of Utah- Utah Division of Water Resources (UDWR)
AMWG Member: Eric L. Millis
AMWG Alternate: Robert King
TWG Member: Robert King
TWG Alternate: Vacant
Past Members:

  • Dennis Strong

State of Wyoming
AMWG Member: Steve Wolff
AMWG Alternate: Don Ostler
TWG Member: Steve Wolff
TWG Alternate: Don Ostler
Past Members:

Upper Basin Colorado River Commission
TWG Member: Don Ostler
TWG Alternate: Vacant
Past Members:

Native American Tribes

Navajo Nation
AMWG Member: Richard M. Begay
AMWG Alternate: Melinda Arviso-Ciocco
AMWG 2nd Alternate: Kim Yazzie
TWG Member: Melinda Arviso-Ciocco
TWG Alternate: Kim Yazzie
Past Members:

Hopi Tribe
AMWG Member: Leigh Kuwanwisiwma
AMWG Alternate: Michael Yeatts
TWG Member: Michael Yeatts
TWG Alternate: Vacant
Past Members:

AMWG Member: Dawn Hubbs
AMWG Alternate: Kerry Christensen
TWG Member: Kerry Christensen
TWG Alternate: Dawn Hubbs
Past Members:

San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe No specific representation

Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians - Southern Paiute Consortium
AMWG Member: Charley Bulletts
AMWG Alternate: Meghann Olson
TWG Member: Charley Bulletts
TWG Alternate: Meghann Olson
Past Members:

Pueblo of Zuni
AMWG Member: Eric Bobelu
AMWG Alternate: Carleton Bowekaty
TWG Member: Kurt Dongoske
TWG Alternate: Vacant
Past Members:

  • Gerald Hooee
  • Mark Martinez

Environmental Groups

National Parks Conservation Association
AMWG Member: Dave Nimkin
AMWG Alternate: Kevin Dahl
TWG Member: Kevin Dahl
TWG Alternate: Dave Nimkin
Past Members:

Grand Canyon Wildlands Council
AMWG Member: Larry Stevens
AMWG Alternate: Vacant
TWG Member: Larry Stevens
TWG Alternate: Vacant
Past Members:

Recreational Interests

Federation of Fly Fishers / Trout Unlimited
AMWG Member: John Jordan
AMWG Alternate: John Hamill
TWG Member: Vacant
TWG Alternate: Joe Miller
Past Members:

Grand Canyon River Guides
AMWG Member: David Brown
AMWG Alternate: Ben Reeder
TWG Member: Ben Reeder
TWG Alternate: David Brown
Past Members:

Federal Power Purchase Contractors

Colorado River Energy Distributors Association (CREDA)
AMWG Member: Leslie James
AMWG Alternate: Ed Gerak
TWG Member: William Davis
TWG Alternate: Leslie James
Past Members:

Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS)
AMWG Member: Ted Rampton
AMWG Alternate: Clifford Barrett
TWG Member: Cliff Barrett
TWG Alternate: Vacant
Past Members:

Stakeholder's Perspectives

Adaptive Management Work Group

STAKE HOLDER Group Date Presentation
Navajo Nation AMWG 2012-08-29 TBD Alan Downer NA
Federation of Flyfishers AMWG 2012-02-22 Link John Jordan NA
Fish and Wildlife Service AMWG 2011-08-24 Link Sam Spiller NA
State of Nevada AMWG 2010-02-03 Link George Caan NA
Hualapai Tribe AMWG 2008-09-09 Link Loretta Jackson NA
So. Paiute Consortium AMWG 2008-05-22 Link Charley Bulletts NA
Western Area Power AdmistrationWAPA AMWG 2013-08-13 Link Lynn Jenka NA

Stakeholder's Perspective